Hoada Campsite – A place where everybody wins.

Hoada Campsite, received it’s name from a Damara/Nama term meaning “everybody”. It is in celebration of the community surrounding it, as well as protecting the fauna and flora within the reserve. A valuable lesson learned in conservation over the years, is that if one wants to conserve nature, one has to empower people.

True to its’ name, Hoada Campsite has been established to empower and employ members of the local community. One such member is Isaac Ganuseb — a man well respected among the people and extremely proud to have been appointed as the manager of Hoada Campsite.

Niklaus runs a smooth operation and along with his team, ensures that your camping experience will flow without a hitch. He and his team is responsible for all aspects of running the campsite, from checking in of guests to ensuring that the facilities are kept in a pristine condition. His helpful staff are always ready to assist, often getting called upon to help with the pitching of guest’s tents and get the campfire going before sunset.

At Hoada Campsite, a free bag of wood is provided on your first night, with more available at a fee should it be required. These seemingly small contributions go a long way to provide valuable jobs and income to the people of the #Khoadi //Hoas conservancy.

The cosy little campsite also features it’s own bar. Perched on top of a granite hill, it is the perfect place to relax with a couple of rewarding “cold ones” after a long day’s drive. Spectacular sunsets paint a beautiful scene while the relaxing atmosphere provides ample inspiration for contemplating life, the day’s events and the next day’s activities.