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Quick Facts

How far is the lodge from the nearest town?
Grootberg Lodge is 97 kilometres west of Kamanjab, and 25 kilometres east of Palmwag.

What are the road conditions like?
The road from Windhoek to Kamanjab is tarred, and thereafter from Kamanjab to the lodge is gravel. Although this road is maintained and normally in a good condition, this can be affected by rainy conditions in the “green” season. It is best to check with the Journeys Head Office as to the state of the road.

Can we drive up the mountain with our own vehicle?
Unfortunately due to the road that accesses the plateau and lodge, only skilled 4x4 drivers are allowed to attempt this ascent in their own vehicle. The gradient is steep with sheer drops and is difficult to maintain due to this. One of our guides or staff members will collect you from the security gate at the bottom of the mountain and drive you to the lodge while your vehicle remains under 24/7 security at the base.

Can children participate in all activities?
Children are welcome to participate in the activities, based on the supervision of their parents and certain safety measures. For excursions such as the rhino tracking and guided walks, we do advise that these are not suitable for children under 16 years of age.

Are we able to camp at Grootberg Lodge?
Unfortunately not as there are no camping facilities, but the perfect solution to this is the Hoada Campsite, 25 kilometres east of Grootberg and 72 kilometres from Kamanjab. Please visit the Hoada Campsite website at: https://hoadacampsite.com/en.

Can we use the lodge facilities while camping at Hoada Campsite?
The activities and restaurant facilities are prioritised for guests, but please do enquire with the manager at Hoada Campsite to check if there is availability for you.

Does the lodge have internet facilities?
Yes, there is WiFi available in the reception area, however due to limited connectivity we do request that large uploads and downloads be minimised where possible.

Are there electrical outlets in the chalets?
Due to being solar powered, there are no plug points in the rooms, however there is a charging station in reception for all devices.

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