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Thanks to the contributions from conservation fees, Journeys Namibia and the Wildlife Initiative will embark on a camera trapping project aimed at gaining insights into the behaviour of large carnivores in the #Khoadi//Hoas Conservancy. This extensive camera trapping survey is instrumental in estimating the population density of lions, leopards, and spotted hyenas while tracking their behavioural patterns. The study will provide invaluable data regarding the peak activity periods and spatial movements of these carnivores across various seasons.

The endeavour also includes practical steps to mitigate human-carnivore conflicts by deploying FoxLights to households residing near the "herding off-limits area," where most large carnivores frequent. These solar-powered flashing lights, which turn on automatically after dark, mimic a herder patrolling with a flashlight, effectively deterring predators. FoxLights have proven their effectiveness in averting encounters with all species under the Panthera genus.

In cases deemed necessary, we will fit select "problematic" big cats with radio collars for tracking purposes, creating virtual fencing. Proximity-based sensors will generate auditory or visual alarms if the big cats approach a predefined perimeter. This feature serves to dissuade carnivores from attacking livestock and alerts herders when the animals are in close proximity to their living areas, promoting the establishment of safer enclosures and better vigilance.

Furthermore, local community members will actively participate in mitigating human-carnivore conflicts by collecting data on livestock losses caused by carnivores. Their involvement enhances interest and awareness about conservation measures and alternative income avenues through monitoring participation.

The conservation fees will contribute toward procuring camera traps, maintaining these traps, purchasing radio collars, and compensating local conservationists for their dedicated efforts.

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