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Grootberg Lodge's Commitment to Community Welfare

Built with a vision to uplift and empower the local community, Grootberg Lodge has undertaken numerous initiatives to provide educational opportunities and support the livelihoods of the #Khoadi//Hoas Conservancy members.

As mentioned, the lodge employs the majority of its staff from the local community. Its mission extends to the #Khoadi//Hoas community, facilitating access to education for underprivileged children in the area. The Education Fund supports the refurbishment of the Eduard Garoeb Primary School, one of the two primary schools in the region. It assists in covering tuition fees and other educational necessities for students.

The current project aims to renovate the primary school, including the kitchen and dormitory, addressing the severe shortage of facilities. The estimated cost of completion is N$1,000,000. The project seeks to provide adequate sanitation and furnishings for over 250 learners who currently endure limited facilities.

Additionally, a scholarship initiative aids vulnerable learners with boarding school fees, education materials, and school uniforms. The selection criteria are based on several factors, including orphaned children, large families, single-parent households (especially those led by women), a focus on girls' education, children with disabilities, and foster children.

Supporting a primary school student totals N$1,130 annually, covering hostel fees, stationery, and uniforms. Secondary school support costs N$3,150 yearly, encompassing school fees, hostel charges, uniforms, and education materials.

The initiative requests the public's participation by donating 1% (or more, as desired) of their bill to support the Education Fund. Those interested in contributing or learning more about the Grootberg Lodge Education Fund can contact us on [email protected].

Grootberg Lodge actively collaborates with the Namibian Lion Trust to further wildlife conservation efforts. Donations and involvement in the Namibian Lion Trust can be found at

Every bit helps

With the support and direct engagement of the public we plan to renovate Eduard Garoeb Primary School including the kitchen and dormitory. At present there is only one toilet for more than 250 learners and beds in the dormitory are without mattresses. An estimated N$1 000 000.00 needs to be raised to complete all the renovation and refurbishing work.

A scholarship programme has been set up to support needy learners with funds for boarding school fees, education materials and school uniforms. Children are selected by a committee, composed of members of the community and Grootberg Lodge management, based on the following criteria:

  • Orphans
  • Families with many children
  • A single parent heads the household – particularly women-headed households
  • Aim for a 60:40 girls/boys ration to promote the education of girls
  • Children with disabilities
  • Foster children

The total cost of supporting a child enrolled in the primary school is N$1 130.00 for a full year, consisting of:

  • N$ 330.00 for hostel fees
  • N$ 300.00 for stationery
  • N$ 500.00 for the school uniform

The total cost of supporting a learner at a secondary school N$3 150.00 for a full year, consisting of:

  • N$ 900.00 for school fees
  • N$ 750.00 for hostel fees
  • N$ 1 000.00 for the school uniform
  • N$ 500.00 for stationery and books

Should you wish to join us in the effort to further the education of #Khoadi//Hoas’ children, we appreciate a donation amounting to 1% of your bill (or more, of course, if you wish to!) for keeping a child at school or for renovating the school. Please feel free to contact Simonetta Musso, HR Director at Journeys Namibia, or Asser Ndjitezeua, Chairman of the Conservancy, for more details on the Grootberg Lodge Education Fund or how you can get involved. 

Grootberg Lodge also works closely with the Namibian Lion Trust. For more information on the NLT and how to get involved with the project, visit

Wildlife Fund

The success of conservation initiatives has witnessed a significant resurgence in wildlife populations within the conservancy area. This growth, including both herbivores and larger carnivores, has amplified incidents of human-wildlife conflict, especially concerning livestock losses due to predator encounters.

To mitigate this conflict, the conservancy, together with Grootberg Lodge and Hobatere Lodge, established the Predator Fund. Each guest sighting of a predator during lodge activities contributes N$50 to this fund. This fund aims to compensate farmers for losses incurred due to predators. Additionally, it seeks to generate resources for a lion collaring campaign. The collaring of lions facilitates monitoring and notification of local farmers when predators are in the vicinity. This proactive warning helps prevent livestock losses by allowing farmers to relocate their cattle to safer grazing zones.

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