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≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy

A success story in community-based conservation.

A Triumph in Community-Based Conservation!

As you embark into the vast expanses of the conservancy around Grootberg Lodge, it's near impossible to envision a time when these majestic landscapes were void of wildlife.

The rich tapestry of diverse species thriving in the ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy stands as a testament to the remarkable turnaround from the barren lands of yesteryears. It has taken the determined efforts of farsighted conservationists, government entities, private concerns, and the once marginalized local community living here to change the outcome of this area and it inhabitants. Now, it's a global triumph marked by the resurgence of endangered species such as black rhinos, desert-adapted lions, and elephants.

In the early '90s, the area grappled with a wildlife dearth as a consequence of human-wildlife conflicts. Back then, wild creatures were seen as pests by commercial farmers, posing a threat to local communities' livelihoods. Consequently, animals were more valuable deceased than living.

Unrestrained poaching and the persecution of so-called "troublesome" animals like elephants and lions led to their relentless decimation. Meanwhile, antelope and zebra were hunted to near extinction for their meat and hides, leaving the land barren. A pivotal shift emerged with the establishment of the Grootberg Farmer’s Union in 1990, setting the stage for the formation of the ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy.

Grootberg Lodge materialized through contributions from the European Union, marking the first community-owned lodge. Not just an economic boost, the lodge provided regular employment, became a financial resource for social projects, and bolstered community initiatives.

This metamorphosis in conservation and education empowered the community as custodians. The conservation value became apparent and ignited a wave of former poachers turned zealous conservationists. Their unparalleled knowledge of the terrain made them indispensable in conservation roles.

Further, the establishment of the Predator’s Fund aided in compensating farmers for livestock losses, while fortifying infrastructural needs to curb risk.

Today, the ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy stands as a beacon of international success in sustainable conservation. Your visit to this breathtaking locale contributes significantly to the area's lasting sustainability, lending support to both the land and its people.

Noteworthy Achievements of ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy

  • They were the first community-based conservancy to request registration.
  • Grootberg Lodge is the first middle-market tourism establishment, entirely owned by a communal conservancy.
  • The lodge emerged as a crucial income source for the conservancy and its members.
  • Members honed new marketable skills through training and experience.
  • Grootberg Lodge awarded a Community Benefit Award at the prestigious World Travel and Tourism Council’s Tourism for Tomorrow awards in 2010.
  • A pioneering conservancy in integrating wildlife, livestock, and water management.
  • Continued growth of wildlife numbers.
  • Registered as a custodian in the Black Rhino Custodian Programme initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
  • Reintroduction of black rhino and black-faced impala.
  • Setup of a compensation scheme to mitigate human-wildlife conflict.
  • Establishment of a Trust Fund for Traditional Authorities.
  • Grootberg Lodge Education Fund providing scholarships for promising students.
  • Coverage of tuition fees through the Education Fund for families in need.
  • Financial contributions toward community projects such as clinics, schools, water points, and a community kitchen for the elderly and vulnerable.

This poignant journey reflects not only conservation success but the invaluable impact on both the land and the local lives it nurtures.

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